Friday, April 26, 2013

Giler Movie

The story is about Myra Tan Sri Johan who initially wants to get married to her own choice Malek, but unfortunately Malek suddenly cancel the wedding because of another girl. Tan Sri Johan and Puan Sri Mahani were very disappointed because all the preparation has been done and all the invitation cards have been sent out. In the meantime, Razlan Ariffin who is very dedicated man and trusted among his family has been recently rejected by her fiance because she wants to further her studies. Razlan accepted the fact that he and Mila is not meant to be together. Tan Sri Johan finally decided to ask help from his sister-in-law, wife of his late brother, Ramlah. His initial aim is for Myra to marry Razlan. But Myra and Razlan background is different and they also have different ways of thinking. Myra and Razlan were married and finally their love story begins when Myra become attracted to Razlan personality and his sincere hearts.

Kejadian ni ako layan movie dgn BFF PiT..semalam..
Ako n Pit Mencari Cinta antara kami. Hepp jangan salah faham ek. Kami memang saling cinta mencintai antara sahabat. Tak lebey daripada ituww.. Semoga ikatan persahabatan kami berkekalan. Kesah ni memang ok laa akO n Pit kasik ompek star. Banyak babak ROMANTIS & MANJA laa..memang sangat besh kalau di tonton oleh kapel2 n orang2 yang bawu mendirikan MEsjid. Sangat Besh.

Untuk kejadian tengah hari tadi. Lagi sekali kami ke panggong. Layan apa tau.. die..HERO tua tapi besh..

sangat besh..akO kasi limo setarrr...


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